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Special Price to Christchurch Earthquake Residents

Our "check lists" for emergency kits tell us to include a bucket and plastic bags.

Most places have emergency kits.
However, few have planned for toilet facilities in their emergency kits.

Conventional toilets cannot be used in earthquakes & natural disasters because damage to pipes and sewage systems can lead to contamination of water supplies.


* The Woe 2 Go is designed to be a    comfortable emergency toilet for ready storage in emergency kits.

* Its rim is designed to stop the seat from slipping off the pail/bucket.

* The Woe 2 Go is designed to fit most buckets, pails and office waste bins.

Order a WOE2GO Now
NZ$39 ea (plus post & pack)

Special offer to all Christchurch Residents
Email Pontoon Marine now

* Freedom Camping/caravanning: saves trying to find your way to the campsite toilets in the dark;

* Boating: especially for the ladies;

* Outdoor activities in those remote places, i.e. when tramping, hunting, shooting or working in the bush;

* At parties when you have all of those extra kids: just set it up somewhere a little private;

* When the regular bathroom/toilet is out of use during renovations. Even a couple of hours can be too long;

* And those other occasions that require an emergency toilet.

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