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" Floating a Raft of Ideas "

Business Opportunities 
(updated July 3rd 2019)

    * Build to your own design
     * Quick & Easy to assemble
     * Durable Super Tough Plastic
     * Easy Clean Maintenance
     * Cost Effective Construction

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The Pontoonz© Modular Float system is now a proven concept with over 4000 pods

sold throughout Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, South East Asia, USA.

We are always looking for enthusiastic Pontooners to join with Pontoonz in seeking out pontoonable
lakes, rivers and waterways throughout NZ, Australia and indeed, worldwide.

The idea of establishing a network of Pontoonz Houseboat or small floata Campas on each of these waterways
for the enjoyment of us all,  is a dream worth pursuing.

We are always on the lookout for Assemblers, Boat builders, and Distributors throughout the World.

We look forward to your ideas.

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